Exhibition Stands and Graphics for Shell Schemes

Exhibition or Shell Scheme 'booths' are the most popular exhibition format in the UK. They are generally used by organisations requiring less than 20 square metres of floor space and typically include stand walls, lighting, carpet and sometimes a power socket. A basic shell scheme package is the cheapest form of exhibiting - the danger is that your stand will not stand out from the competition that surrounds you.

And that's where we come in... We offer a range of solutions to get you noticed yet still remain within your budget.

For those exhibitors on a very limited budget, we can supply self adhesive wall graphics that simply stick to the walls of the shell scheme. Printed on a repositionable material, this solution is ideal for a cost effective, one off show as the graphics can be thrown away at the end of the exhibition.

For those with a little more to spend, we can supply pop up stands and roller banner stands. These are most useful if you have a number of events to attend, some of which where you may not have a booth at all. These will fit easily into the boot of most cars and can be erected in a matter of minutes.

For those that would like to clad the entire stand with graphics, we offer the Shell Clad system (simple to fit rollable graphics that clip to the posts of your shell scheme) or a T3 system that also fixes to the posts but the graphics are printed on fabric.

Our final solution is for those exhibitors who wish to build their stand within the shell scheme or who are happy with the floor space offered by a shell scheme but would prefer the look of a custom built stand. A number of our systems are suitable - which one depends on factors such as budget, the number of times the system will be used, does it need to fit various sizes of stand space, do you want to build it yourself. For impartial advice on which system will be best suited to you, contact us on 01782 525502.

Once you've decided which system to use, your next decision is whether to self build or ask us to install your stand. Most of our shell scheme solutions are self build thus saving the cost of an install. However, if you don't have the time or think you'll need help, we are more than willing to install the stand before the exhibition and break it down at the end. We can even store it all for you, ready for your next show.

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