cableflor Exhibition Flooring

Cableflor – it’s more than just a floor

Cableflor is a low profile, rapid installation, single component, cable floor system for use in exhibitions, retail displays, road-shows and outdoor events. It is also ideal for use in building projects to avoid chasing out solid floors – listed buildings, basement & garage conversions, rooms with low ceilings.

Cableflor is supplied in 1m squares, pre-assembled from 10cm square modules – simply push fit the sections together. Run cables underneath and remove a module where it needs to come up or tear off rows to fit your area and avoid any cutting on-site.

It can be used as a finished floor surface or as a sub-floor with a floor covering – we recommend using the smooth black tile in recycled material.. We also supply a range of accessories such as backlit floor graphics, iPad and monitor stands and literature dispensers.


Flooring EdgingEDGING SMOOTH

Our edging is fully integrated and clips directly onto the floor. We have two types:
Studded: 100mm square sections that clip on individually for a metric modular solution,
including corner pieces

Smooth: extruded lengths that are 50mm wide, mitred ends for corners. Standard lengths are 1m to fit on a pallet with the flooring, special lengths are available upon request. Both types are available in black or illuminated.

We can also match to Pantone as a special order.



Loose Lay tiles are an innovative new product, which don’t require any adhesive for fitting securely to our floor system. The underside of the tile has a pioneering foamed backing which is based on friction. It is very comfortable to walk on and has excellent acoustic properties. Because it doesn’t need adhesive, the tiles are laid extremely quickly and they can be re-used many times, as they are incredibly hard-wearing and available in the following range.


This video shows the assembly of Cableflor exhibition flooring system


Example of Cableflor Exhibition Flooring


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