T3 Shellkit Exhibition Stand

The reason we do what we do…

We keep banging on about how you can make better use of a shell scheme resulting in a more successful exhibiting experience. This is definitely the case with our latest client – Copper Alloys.

Our brief was that they would be attending the UTD Undersea Defence Technology Show in Liverpool where they would be exhibiting their highly specialised products to marine engineers. They had booked a 3m x 2m shell scheme. How much would we charge for a pop-up display, a TV display and a literature rack?

To us, this was an ideal opportunity to show how with a little thought we could supply what effectively would look like a mini custom build, modular stand with only a small increase in total budget. Our shell scheme guru Jon Sherwood was able to show how this would all work, give accurate costings, and explain how the system could be re-configured for future trade shows. We also advised that if we stretched the budget a little we could print a floor!

We designed the layout of the stand showing graphics and the position of the monitor on the wall enabling the clients graphic designer to come up with a design that fitted the requirement perfectly. We pre-built the stand, fitted the graphics and TV and showed our client how to build it himself thus saving on the cost of installation. The results are clear…

Copper Alloys Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand

We have used T3’s shell kit, fabric graphics, a printed vinyl floor and and iPad stand.

The email we received says it all

“Hi Jon, see a photo of the stand attached. Very pleased with the effect, people are noticing! Thanks a lot for your help, we would have an awful pop-up stand if it wasn’t for you!”


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