Shell-Clad Exhibition Stand Display System

We can totally transform your shell scheme with high impact seamless graphics using the unique, Shell-Clad display system.

shell-clad-clipShell-Clad is a plastic clip that slots into shell schemes and enables exhibitors to simply apply seamless graphics to their shell scheme walls. Shell-Clad was specifically designed for this purpose and is used by exhibitors, stand designers and exhibition contractors at trade shows worldwide.

Shell-Clad is so easy to install with no special tools or skills required – simply slot the clips into the shell scheme, unpack the tubes and roll the panels onto the walls. The Shell-Clad system packs into tubes making it easy to transport – the majority of our stands can be transported on the back seat of a saloon car and installed by a single person. This saves on van hire and manpower during both build-up and breakdown. It is so simple that you won’t need expensive fitters to build it for you – you can do it all yourself!

Unlike some of our competitors we use Magiclad roll panels as recommended by Shell-Clad themselves. These panels are manufactured from highly durable corrugated polypropelene sheets which will not kink unlike foamboard or pop-up drops. The result is a graphic solution that sits flat against the stand wall.


We do not have a price list as there are too many variables but with stand prices starting at around £1250 + VAT for a basic shell scheme, it represents fantastic value for money.

Stand Examples

This video shows just how easy it is to install your Shell-Clad exhibition stand.


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