Tips for Trade Show Success

How to be the best exhibitor

We want you to have a successful show and achieve your goals making sure that the money you invest in exhibiting is money well spent. Follow these simple trade show tips to ensure you get the most from your exhibition stand – get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

Be prepared.
Make sure you are prepared. You need to start preparation early, stand location is critical so it needs to be booked well in advance.

Use simple graphics to convey a strong message.
You only have a few seconds to attract attention so your message needs to be clear and bold. Use bullet points to convey your key messages, keep your main messages above 1 metre high and think about using simple logos and graphics to complement the message.

Keep your stand space open.
To attract the maximum number of visitors to your stand, it is important not to create any barriers and restrict access. A good stand design is created by using the space to your advantage. Meeting areas should be towards the back of the stand allowing your sales staff to attract potential customers at the front.

Look up to attract the maximum visitors.
Using the space above you is a great way to get noticed. Exhibition organisers allow you to build up to 4M high without any extra planning regulations. Having a 4M high stand will tower over shell scheme stands meaning you will draw crowds from far and wide.

Let there be light.
Even the very best stand design can be totally lost without the correct lighting. Use lighting to draw people to your stand, experiment with colour and direction to make the most of any new services and products you are promoting at the show.

Ask for advice.
We are here to help By contacting our experienced exhibition team you will gain years of practical exhibition knowledge. We want you to achieve your show goals and we want to make sure that the money you invest in exhibiting is money well spent.

Contact us to arrange a meeting about your next exhibition stand.

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